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    Saturday, October 14th, 2006
    7:39 pm
    Man, I noticed in the six o'clock hour that Cartoon Network was going to play Princess Mononoke at 7pm tonight. This is serendipitous because I just showed Spirited Away to Ash and Aubrey happened to just see it too and I want to show them Mononoke and see it again myself. Miyazaki is the MAN. So I rush from Diamond Bar to Fullerton and stop by Target to get some DVD-R's to record it. and I make it back in time to discover.... they're not showing it. It's actually Pokemon. WTF!!?
    Monday, June 5th, 2006
    1:51 am
    Addicted to Love
    Ok so last night was kinda, REALLY bad. I shouldn't have shown up. We had plans but I was left in the dark about the plans changing/being delayed, and apparently so were they- that we even had plans at all! Why does she find it so hard to communicate sometimes? And so I came off as the Ass. Pretty much all day Friday and Saturday she spent with her friends. Wait, Friday's one of my days off. I felt bad because Thursday night we had plans- for it was the first night in my new apt.. But after CSz everyone got together and video games were played until late and I didn't say a word... But as we left at a wee hour I knew no one knew he ever had plans. And I told her maybe she should mention that to everyone before they slept. But we left and it looked as if I had "stolen" her away. Sooo, if she didn't go with them to L.A. they would probably be more mad so I insisted she go. Never mind the fact I had lots more stuff to move in. That her help was needed/wanted. That I wanted to spend the rest of my second day off with her.

    So some one might say we've had all this time together, it's time to share with the friends.

    Compromise, yes? Well this weekend I got the short end of compromise. All day Saturday I work, off at 8:30, Ashley INITIATED plans for Saturday night. Why? Because everyone else planned on seeing a show in L.A. So was it out of line to expect to see my girlfriend after work? And not two hours later or more, around bloody 11? The show plans were canceled, see, and I had no idea. So having dinner then driving everyone back home, THEN coming back to Fullerton, well, whoops, I gotta work 9-5:30 Sunday so where's the compromise? She screwed up big time and I was pissed off. Yes, I was invited eventually to dinner but nobody knew that either. We're having problems this evening, as everyone knows at this point. I did not want to take her away. But she insisted and so now I'm the crazy angry boyfriend to everyone, cuz they didn't know we had plans.. And I love these girls. Every one of them- New Year's Eve was a blast, but I guess I'm around too much now and girl time means no boys allowed. All day Friday and Saturday wasn't enough? I just wanted to be with her after work like we planned.

    So there's this struggle with who to spend time with. For seven months today almost every day has been spent together. Solvang was awful because it was two or three days apart and it sucks almighty that people may think this is weird. Who are they to question what works for us? What right does anybody have to declare what is "healthy" and "unhealthy" for a particular person(s)? And so maybe all this is something others have struggled with. I feel bad about the conversation at dinner tonight. If it has been like this then it needs to be said. It was good we talked.

    So it might be said we've had all this time together, it's time to share with the friends.

    Compromise. I know I have to do it. And it's god-rotting hard after you're so used to spending practically every moment of free time together. I never would've thought I would want to do that. Past relationships have failed because I didn't understand this very thing. "I can't spend all this time with you. I need time for myself. By myself. For other friends."
    My words... Now I finally understand. I can't see it any other way. And it's reciprocated. But she's torn between these feelings and summertime friendship. Not to say it's unimportant or trivial or temporary. But there were never these problems before schools got out.

    What people don't understand is that we are ADDICTED to one another. I've never tried heroine but this has GOT to be stronger. Sometimes I can't contain the feelings. "We're in love, and always will be..." Thanks Dido. We've talked on several occasions about spending more time with family and friends but we always end up getting together just as often. If a day goes by and we don't see each other I get bummed out. I wish others could understand how difficult this is. And I wish people would not pass us off as a passing romance. This is not some average, ordinary,  run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale. It's serious. And we want to be taken seriously. Sometimes it scares me how deep it is. So if others get annoyed or perturbed when we hang out or spend seemingly too much time together, I hope they realize in time that what we have is not an inconsequential or superficial relationship. Cuz I'm here to stay.

    "I feel a great disturbance in the Force..."

    I know we're pulling her arms out, tugging away to spend time with her but the thing is, I want her to be happy, and I'm willing to compromise. Assuredly so will everyone. I don't want her to be yelled at though, and I don't want to yell at her, so we ALL have to COMMUNICATE. And be understanding. And compromise.

    We three made a pact tonight. A pinky swear to "be candid." Please God let it happen and continue to happen and let there be BALANCE and let nobody have hard feelings.

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    Current Mood: contemplative
    Monday, February 27th, 2006
    2:30 am
    Late night thoughts
    My folks brought home food from the Blue Agave. It's my Dad's favorite restaurant. I've been, and it Is pretty damn good. Whenever they bring food home from this place, I am a happy Carlos. It's usually the same stuff. Appetizer food- quesadillas, meat kabobs, a big red pepper, some sweet corn concoction, and Really good taquitos made from colored tortillas.

    Some of that stuff has meat in it. I haven't eaten meat in four days now. It's something I thought I'd try and it hasn't been too bad. Ashley the wonderful girlfriend is uber vegetarian and I'm doing it for her and I guess she knows now since I mentioned this morning not having eaten meat in three days.

    Let's see how long I can survive.

    I ate the quesadillas but there was so much food with meat in it and it's so hard not to touch it!

    The pepper and corn stuff will be good at least.

    Paintball awaits tomorrow.

    I'm a dumb-ass cuz I didn't learn the Mambo Mouth monologue (written by John Leguizamo, my idol of sorts) for this audition tomorrow. Asked for it off but i guess it's all ok since it was a big seasonal audition for Huge theatres in L.A. and it's an Equity call. Heard that maybe you can still get seen but it seems pretty strict. I'm technically Equity eligible from SAG so maybe I should just join? Wouldn't even consider it normally but one of the shows will be at the Taper and it's from Culture Clash- god I want to be in one of their shows! No way I'd be able to get on the audition list though. Hell...

    Paintball expo today was fun, we're going to try a new loading system called a Q-Loader. Well, it'll be just me tomorrow since She has class. : ( Regular and even electronic hoppers suck. They hold more rounds but they also shake so the paint can break and can also come off from the marker (happened last time!) Q-loader should be pretty sweet. And now Ash has her own marker too. : ) ; )

    I should get to bed, paintball necessitates good rest beforehand.

    It'd be better to sleep with company though. :- /

    Current Mood: tired
    Thursday, February 16th, 2006
    3:12 am
    nuttin hunny
    So I haven't been on here in well over a year but Aubs, I like your updates so maybe I'll be checking it again...
    Friday, January 28th, 2005
    1:08 am
    so i'm kinda liking myspace as far as blogs go, probably 'cause more people i know are on that site. log on there to see my now more frequent entries...
    Friday, December 17th, 2004
    7:42 pm
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    Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
    9:52 am

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    Thursday, October 28th, 2004
    12:47 am
    "I got a mayonaise mama on my lickin hole"

    OMG "Drawn Together" on comedy central rules! Take stock cartoon characters like disney princess, superhero, pokemon, betty boop, spongebob and whatnot, throw them together in a house and you got the first animated reality show. It's irreverant like the simpsons, family guy, and south park, but it goes farther. Yeah, and the latter two go pretty far sometimes but this shit was funny. Gotta keep an eye out for this cause the first episode was great.

    The disney princess is all upper crust and racist so when the black girl character, "Foxxy Love" comes in, princess thinks she's the servant. She digs her hole deeper and deeper but eventually Foxxy realizes it's cause of her upbringing and bigoted father that she's like that so she just starts making out with her in the jacuzzi. And all the characters have their private thought moments with the camera like big brother so princess busts into song like a disney movie about kissing foxxy and foxxy sings the line up above. Yes!!!!

    And England was awesome. Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Lourve in Paris, Cromer by the seaside, everything was really a phenomenal experience. Now it's all about gettin things back in order and i guess i'm getting sick but whatterya gonna do.
    Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
    12:53 pm
    Brutus the barber beefcake
    I'm in England! till the 24th, first time in Europe, cheers!
    Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
    11:31 am
    Ok so today I'm going finally going to look at a car. Been researching for a good week now and this one seems like a good deal. It's a VW Jetta. It's a little nerve-wracking since it's a 5-speed and I've driven automatics all my life and I don't wanna stall or grind gears or anything on the test drive. I mean I guess I just need more practice. : / There are some other good deals on the net but there's also some pretty shady shit. My brother called me early this morning to return my call from last night. Was supposed to call him again so maybe he was upset that I didn't cause he was all hyped up and insulting-like. I hope he doesn't still come over at 1 to accompany me cause even though he's extremely knowledgable and could give good advice, I'm not sure it's worth it if he's gonna be like that.
    Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
    11:59 pm
    No Reverse
    So today was fun- spent all day with the girl, laying about mostly ; ) and eventually made our way to Chinatown. I must say, it's quite a small area. It was my first time and I don't know what I was expecting, but certainly I thought it would encompass a bigger area than a couple of blocks. Really, the cute place we went to was hardly taking up a small square block; perhaps Chinatown is bigger than this but the area with the pagoda-style buildings and shops/restaurants was minuscule. And the place seemed deserted, sadly to say- many of the shops and restaurants were closed. We did some shopping and ate in a nice place called "Hop Louie."

    Now after last night's fiasco with moving my car solo out of a parking space cause I have no reverse, I knew it would have to be done again today. Whew was this a pain! She took the wheel- come to think of it, did she really need to be in there? Not that ya weigh much babe but that's extra weight to push! Well, she was controlling the brake cause the car was sort of on an incline, and not in the good way. So every little victory i made with pushing this car backward out of the space, she had to put on the brakes so it wouldn't roll back. It probably took about 10 or 15 minutes but finally we were able to get outta there. And thanks babe for the idea of turning to see how much more we had to go, cause then it was easier (possible!) to push back at a different angle and not so much of an incline... Actually, this whole ordeal was a blast as we both giggled our way through it and teamwork prevailed!

    Then the drive home came after the girl pleaded to have me stay longer but i was already running late for D&D. Jon-Enee rules cause the guy's so damn generous and usually has food and drinks for all on D&D nights (and in general-pizza at work, anybody?). Go chili dogs and soda! Really though soda blows most of the time cause it's horrible for you and why does everybody order it? Water is always free and it's good for you! Overall though a thoroughly enjoyable day.
    Friday, October 1st, 2004
    2:27 pm
    Cars suck!
    Yeah, my name has car in it, but right now I wish it didn't cause I hate cars and it's probably time to get a new one (at least new for me, not brand new). ARRRRGH!!!!!!!! Is it so hard to have the car back the way it was? With reverse working and the seatbelt going back and forth automatically? And to have stuff done to it in a timely manner?!??
    12:37 am
    Holy Shit it's October already how does time go by sooo fast? As I'm sure we've all wondered especially when we look back. Thought I should probably write something cause it has been a while and oh I'm in a play in Irvine again. It's another Neil Simon play, California Suite, not that anybody will come see this, at least from work, because there are cliques even in the ring and people see other's shows but one person has come to see the last two shows I was in. Come Blow Your Horn was a good show and I freakin produced Boys' Life and one person from work (diff. people) came to see one or the other. Who reads this anyway?
    Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
    10:59 am
    So finally got on this live journal experience, mainly so I could better understand this passion and sometimes addiction of my girlfriend. Don't really know if I'll be updating much, it's kinda of a "baby steps" (what about bob?) process for me, but I'll be commenting and stuff... Cheers!